Twilight of the Dark Master (1997)

Based on the manga by Saki Okuse, this animated adaption is downright awful. Since I haven’t read the original it’s based on, I can’t say where the rot set in, but this movie just stinks. I’m always wary when a movie tries to explains its backstory through an introduction. It’s about some eon-long fight between demons and protectors of mankind and shit, but it’s not really important.

The real movie starts with a sex scene, then the man transforms into a monster, takes a bite out of the woman and goes away. The woman survives and wants to find out what happened to her lover and commissions a guy who happens to be the last protector of mankind to find out where he is and so on. As it turns out, behind all that is the last demon, who has survived the last conflict with the protector and now has a scheme going with drugs that transform people.

The biggest problem of the movie is that it never successfully establishes a main character whom one can follow, the woman is only there for the beginning and the protector too much of a walking cliche of anime-stereotypes to care. Second to that is stupid dialog and a convoluted and yet laughable stupid story.

At the end of the movie, when the protector and the demon face each other, there’s a story twists that was so laughable stupid I nearly fell out of many chair. It’s also boring, which is even worse considering the short running time of the movie. I was sitting there, hoping it would be over soon, trying not get brain damage.