Chuck S1 (2007-2008)

Chuck is one of these series about whose main premise I don’t want to think too deeply, or the stupid concept would detract from all the fun I have with this show. And if I hadn’t seen one episode due to chance, I probably would have missed the show. It’s not so much the story that compels you to watch, but the characters. In a short time you begin to root for them, be it rude John Casey or lazy Morgan. While the show is very formulaic in many ways, it does manage to bring the characters to live and with that everything else, story or action, becomes interesting too.

I also like the seemingly unholy synthesis of two worlds, the action of the (movie concept of the) espionage world and the work day at Buy More. Which reminds me that another dramedy series, Reaper, has its main characters working at a retailer. Makes you wonder whether that has become such a strong shared cultural experience that it makes the characters of a TV-show more accessible for the current crop of watchers.