Fantastic Four (1967-1969)

This is the first of currently four animated TV-series based on the Fantastic Four comic book. I’m torn between saying this is an absolutely awful series or just a series told in a way that ultimately harbors to the original feel of the early comic books, catering to children, telling very simple stories with clearly identifiable good and bad guys.

Which doesn’t mean it’s completely unwatchable. While it feels awful to me due to bad dialog, extreme cardboard characters, bad animation (which captures sometimes the style of the comics but at other times completely loses it) and so on, it’s fun in a so bad it’s good way, that I actually had fun seeing it when I knew what I was getting into. That said, it’s hard to stomach more than one episode a day, if you try to see more episodes in a row the whole cheesiness and badness will numb you.

Another aspect I find fascinating is how much this series feels like an artifact of its time. This one will drive feminists up the walls with its depiction of women, but not only the characters feel like frozen in time, it’s also the rest, architectures, clothing.