Verge (2008)


During last year’s Christmas holiday I had some time to play a bunch of freeware games, some of them quite nice. Verge by Kyle Pulver, done for The Commonplace Book Competition is like all entries rather short, but sports some very fine graphics and is quite fun to play. It’s a puzzle-platformer with a unique gameplay-mechanism.

To get to the exit of each level you have to move between two worlds, life and death, by finding ways that are open in one world but not the other. You get to the death world (which is putting you upside down and underneath the world of the living) by dying, spikes or monster killing you will do.

The other way round you’ll have to enter some specific portals. But be aware, if you’re killed in the death world, you’re dead permanently. In the later levels the two worlds are connected and you can jump directly from one to the other. Overall, despite its shortness, it’s very entertaining.