Strawberry Marshmallow (2005)

Strawberry Marshmallow is rather unusual compared to the stuff I usually watch, a show designed around the cuteness of four school girls and the older sister of one of them. It’s a bit of slice of life show, but to tell the truth it’s not realistic enough to be completely convincing in that regard. Nearly all of the girls are complete cliches (the extroverted girl, the shy girl, the level-headed girl) and yet it didn’t bothered me.

There’s no real story, it’s just the stuff kids do in their spare time, from goofing around to everyday activities. The show can be quite funny, especially when it plays the different character types off against each other and it can be quite relaxing, when it reminds you of your own childhood. Those moments of spare time after school or on the weekend, that marked childhood, when you still had time to become bored and just enjoy the neighborhood and playing with friends.

It’s not perfect, the plotline where one of the girls doesn’t want to speak Japanese at school and fakes to be only able to speak English was stupid beyond belief and the shy girl routine of one of the girl was a bit overdone, but the rest of the show is quite nice.