Ainevoltas 2 (2008)


From the creator of Final Vision comes Ainevoltas 2, a game with a similar mix of platformer and RPG-elements. This time the game takes its inspiration from the Castlevania games (the most obvious reference is that you can play a Belmont the second time you’ll go through the game).

The differences to Final Vision are small but still manage to improve the gameplay in interesting ways, each new level you can allocate stat points on four stats and (in a minor way) influence the gameplay. You can also marry and get a kid(sidekick), but choosing different wives doesn’t seem to change the kid you get, which was a bit disappointing. Overall the game is still very short, I played it through under two hours, but it feels longer than Final Vision. Despite the shortness, it’s quite good and fun.

Ainevoltas (2005)

screen1 screen2

Ainevoltas 1 also exists (see here) (or look up its MobyGames entry, which it strangely has for such a slight game), but it seems to be more of a beta version (or Ainevoltas 2 is a remake of the first one) with horrible controls and much weaker graphics. I played it but not very far, as it’s not fun and Ainevolts 2 renders it completely mood. Not really worth a try.

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