Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun (1994)

nangoku-shounen-papuwa-kun papuwa

A conversion of a rather weird anime (if the strange characters that turn up are any indication) into a platformer. The game is rather nice: good controls, very varied and good looking stages, even if each stage is far too short and the mechanics are typical platformer fare. The early bosses are easily defeated, the later ones are a bit harder.

I’ve come as far as some giant octopus, which I think is the final boss, but I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t found a way to beat him (if anyone knows how to do that I would be thankful for any tip (Update 16/08/2011: managed to finish the game)). It’s nothing outstanding, far too short and despite quite good looking too generic to leave a bigger impression, but it’s good to pass some time and have fun. Translation patch can be found here.

Third level boss. Stand in the middle (left or right side doesn’t work) of the screen jump over his fire wave and wait till he comes down. Don’t attack him from the front, as he will avoid this easily. Remain still in the middle of the screen, either he stops before you to shoot small fire pebbles (jump over him right before he does and kick him in the back) or he walks toward you (jump up and then kick him from behind). Works like a charm.

This mid-level-boss (6th or 7th level) is kinda annoying if you don’t know what to do. Which is, whenever he shoots the round things (the one near his head) kick them into him. Easy once you know.

Okay, the final boss is really annoying, especially as you need a move that you probably didn’t knew about before and never needed elsewhere in the game. I’m talking about the Left/Right Shoulder buttons on the SNES-pad, which allow you to jump down in a diagonal with a kick.

You’ll need this to jump onto the stones and from there kick the band-aid on the octopus after you loosened the same with some kicks when the octopus jumped up and down. All easier said than done. After you managed that, you’ll kick free the cross/flying statue/whatever, which you also have to kick as often as possible.

I had to do the whole process only twice, then the octopus was finished. Takes some training and save states, as I can’t imagine beating the final boss without them. Here’s a youtube video of another guy who managed the same feat.