Reaper S1 (2007-2008)

I think part of why I enjoy Reaper so much is that it does what I wanted from Dead Like Me, but didn’t got. Dead Like Me was about a girl that got herself killed and ended up as a grim reaper, escorting souls to their afterlife. I thought the show had so much possibilities, but as it went on, the supernatural aspect became downplayed more and more, as if the makers were embarrassed of those aspects.

It became a mildly entertaining slice-of-life show that meandered aimlessly around until it was cut down. There were so many chances to build on the idea of the grim reapers, to built a complex and interesting mythology. Never happened.

Reaper on the other hand completely embraces its supernatural elements. The show is about a guy whose soul has been sold to the devil by his parents and who has to work for him as a reaper, bringing back escaped souls. There are demons everywhere, the devil is a regular character and the souls that escape from hell are quite fantastic too.

I like the show because it takes one concept and explores it from every angle, building an ever more complex mythology in the process. It doesn’t try to be something else than what it is, which is light and fun entertainment most of the time. But when it needs to be it, can be quite serious, without losing all the elements that make it fun too. It’s one of those rare shows that can do both, comedy and drama, well, sometimes at the same time, by using its supernatural elements to the fullest instead of forgetting them.