Eureka S1 (2006)

Eureka is about a small, secret town that is stuffed full of brilliant scientists who work at building at better tomorrow. While this is a neat concept, its also the main reason that on one level Eureka is a completely failure. There is so much you could do with such a high concept, but since obviously no one making this series cares about real science or has a clue what science actually is, all we get is comic book science and a show that follows a monster of the week formula, which monster substituted by some technological gizmo.

First and foremost, science and technology is used interchangeable. In reality they are not. Second, nothing made in Eureka seems partially useful for bettering the world. A show that would have dealt with some more realistic advances like future data storage devices or brain-driven prosthetics or a realistic depiction of nanotech (not the magic dust that turned up in one episode) could have been fascinating and still left room for interesting stories.

And yet, it’s still fun to watch. It’s not the show I wanted it to be, there was potential for it to be much more. But I like most of the characters and following them dealing with magic-science gizmos can be fun to watch.