The Lone Gunmen (2001)

A short-lived spin-off from the X-Files that never managed the balancing act between its silly and serious impulses. In the end it felt like a farce, and while there were some interesting storylines, the stupid jokes and really stupid plots elements got in the way of the more serious parts. There are some series than manage that mix, but TLG obviously couldn’t. Kinda sad, a serious treatment of the Lone Gunmen could have been interesting.

One thought on “The Lone Gunmen (2001)

  1. Kirk Vanhouten says:

    It had a lot of potential to come into it’s own. It wasn’t supposed to be as serious as the X-files. I recently watched the series on DVD and am more impressed with it than I was when it was on the air in the first place. It just got compared to the XF at the time when XF was starting to slump in popularity. Had it come out while the XF were at their peak or AFTER the XF were off the air, it would have done better, imho..

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