The Lost Room (2006)

One of the few SciFi Channel series that managed to be not only watchable but also to be quite good. It’s a fantasy series about a motel room that somehow has left conventional space and has become endowed with extraordinary powers (and every item in it as well). There’s a whole secret history of different groups trying to collect those items and fighting each other with them. The main story is about a cop who has lost his daughter to the room (with a key the room can be used as a doorway to every existing door, but if something or someone gets lost in the room without the key, they disappear). He’s trying to get her back and has to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the room to do that.

The fun thing about the items is that they seem to make users more or less crazy, which means that Joe Miller (the cop) has to deal with some lunatics, which provides some fun scenes. If there’s one disappointment about the series, it’s that we never find out what actually happened to the room (the mini was intended as a trial to jump start a longer series, but this never happened). But since it’s mostly self-contained when it comes to Miller’s story arc and there are some excellent twists, it’s worth the watch.