Bee Movie (2007)

There’s something about animation that makes it short circuit my critical facilities, going right to the part of my brain that is still in child mode and cheering for anything animated. Bee movie may not be brilliant or even good, but at least it’s entertaining, completely satisfying my inner child. Part of me was eagerly watching for the “childishly totalitarian” writing one critic mentioned, but the only message I could vaguely specify was something about getting joy out of the work you do.

But I think mostly that Bee Movie and deeper meaning are as far away from each other as possible. Not that I don’t think that everything that gets created inherits some pieces of the mindscapes of its makers, but this time I could not find much deeper meaning. It’s diverting and entertaining, but interpreting something into it, both positive or negative, that isn’t there, doesn’t really makes justice to both, the movie or the interpreter.

If there’s something negative about the movie, I have to admit the odd feeling that I thought the relationship between Barry Bee Benson and Vanessa Bloome somehow creepy. Very creepy. Can’t explain why. The dialog between them is snappy, there’s real chemistry, which makes it even worse I think. Odd. But that’s about it.