Ninja Cadets (1996)

The first scenes of Ninja Cadets (a two episode OVA from 1996, that feels conceptually a bit like a prototype for Naruto) can make the impression that what follows will be a violent and bloody action movie like Ninja Scroll, but soon it becomes a light-hearted action-comedy. You’ll have the standard youngster characters, the serious one, the goofball and so on, who train to become ninjas and have to complete an important task.

One of them is a princess (the one surviving the attack on her family from the beginning of the first episode) and some assassins follow the group to kill her, but prove to be rather ineffective at doing their job. Since there are only two episodes, the story feels unfinished, even if the two episodes comes to some sort of finish. It’s like watching the first two episodes of an unrealized TV series, which is quite unsatisfying, since you expect more to come. Still, it’s entertaining.