Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

There were two sides to VM, one was that of a detective show, the other teen drama (or more often in later seasons teen soap opera). I liked it quite a bit, but while it was a bummer to see it canceled after the third season, the ending turned out to be a neat finish. There were some open plot lines, but it still didn’t felt unfinished. There was no overwhelming need on my part to see how it all turned out.

Looking back, I think the first season was the strongest, the murder case of Veronica’s friend overshadowing everything else. The second season felt a bit too convoluted and, this may sound a bit horrible, when I heard about the school bus explosion that set off the big case of the second season, I was a bit disappointed by the low body count. Yeah, I know this sounds horrible, but somehow the whole ruckus about the explosion seemed to be an overreaction. A sad tragedy, but nothing to set the whole school on the edge.

And then the third season. Some changes were made, instead of one big mystery arc there were smaller arcs and more murder cases. I think a very smart move. Less fun in the third season was the whole relationship between Veronica and Logan, in nearly every episode they broke up and reconciled later. And while most of the times the dialog was witty and fun to follow, in those moments it became stupid and annoying (probably only teenager can bear to follow such inane chatter). Still, despite some minor faults, it was a neat and well written series.