5 Days A Stranger (2003)


I remember the days well when adventures, along with strategy and RPG games, ruled the PC. Then slowly strategy became RTS, RPGs died and then did adventures. RPGs got revived, only to have a second, long, long death sequence, while adventures never got commercial successful again, as in their heydays.

But in the freeware community everything is going well for adventures. It’s possible the best source of new old school adventure games. 5DaS is one of them. While the plot is nothing original, a group of people imprisoned in a haunted house, with someone going around murdering one after another, what makes it so excellent is the execution.

IMHO for adventures the writing is the most important part of the game, and Yahtzee certainly has a way with words, soon every character becomes alive and the story, despite it’s lack of originality, grabs you and never lets you go, until you have solved the last mystery. The puzzles in the game were also well done and real WTF moments rare. Nearly every solution to every puzzle made logical sense. Excellent and fun game.

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