Torchwood S1 (2006-2007)

Bloody awful. These are the only words that come to my mind. Marketed as an adult version of Doctor Who, Torchwood feels like the juvenile little brother whose only way to ascertain his grown-up status is by repeatedly screaming fuck fuck fuck. How mature.

Worse than that is the acting of the main characters. What am I saying? What acting? There’s none. Torchwood feels like watching a cheap soap opera (I mean really, really cheap, like porn level cheap). It’s really awful, just watching those people stagger around, trying to fill their roles with a minimum of depth and failing miserably. And the talking. It makes you want to rip your own ears out. It’s truly sad. Mind you, with the right actors and directors this could have been a fun series, a kind of Poltergeist: The Legacy tilted toward the science fiction side of the equation. Alas, it wasn’t to be.