Lilium (2007)

Lilium1 Lilium2 Lilium3

Lilium feels and plays by all accounts like a copy of Seiklus. Meaning there’s a superficial story about some ancient race that needs saving by collecting glowing orbs and thus beating the game. The orbs are spread over a variety of levels with different themes, but to access all these levels you have to gain some abilities that allow you to progress in the game.

Difficulty-wise the game is on the easy side, but occasionally there are some extremely frustrating places that, combined with hackneyed controls, can make you scream with rage at your monitor. Especially annoying is that transitions between screens steal your momentum (another Seiklus clone I’m playing, Kaipuu, has the same problem, it’s really annoying). Still, since Seiklus I’ve come to enjoy this kind of gameplay and will put up with some minor flaws if I can scratch that specific genre itch.

[Since that game was created with an old version of GameMaker, you have to use the little tool mentioned here to make the game playable on Win 7]