Shakugan no Shana (2007)

Man, did this movie felt like a generic product. The character design screamed anime formula. The story felt generic too (it even had this extremely annoying tendency of many anime series of recent years where some magic techno babble is used to explain some concept integral to the story, which is the worst kind of info dump you can do).

It’s about this kid who finds out he’s just a placeholder for a dead guy and that one day his remaining life will go out like a candle. There are demons, good guys (or gals) fighting them and so on. Now our kid finds that all out, is rather shocked and then helps one of the good gals to take care of one of the bad guys.

It’s not really boring, most of time I thought it was nice to watch (apart form the one bit that is absolutely necessary for every generic anime, where the good and naive hero has to make some righteous speech that is just nauseous to watch). But overall it’s pretty forgettable fluff. Might be that the original novels from which this has been derived are much better, but I wouldn’t know. Watch one time for the nice action sequences (but even those feel generic, as if I’ve seen them already a thousand times elsewhere).