Tales from Earthsea (2006)

The first thing that stood out about the movie was how slow TfE was. Which, occasionally, works for and not against a movie, when you have a director at the helm who knows what he is doing. Sadly this wasn’t the case this time. Due to the languid pace TfE was a tedious watch. Another problem was that the movie couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be an epic fantasy or, like the source material, a character-driven story on a much smaller scale.

In the end, doing neither of it right, TfE turned out to be a generic and dull movie (kill the evil wizard, ho ho) with neither the opulence you expect from epic fantasy nor the well developed characters and character interactions you expect from character-driven plots or even the endless action sequences you get in some generic but still entertaining fantasy movies.

And what the fuck was with the patricide near the beginning? This was just stupid and never made much sense.