Lord Darcy (2002)

I read Sherlock Holmes when I was too young to realize just what an ass he really was. On a recent reread I realized that without Watson most people would have cheered for Moriarty killing Holmes. What has that to do with Lord Darcy? He has the same intuitive grasp of murder like Holmes had, but unlike him he’s a guy you would actually want to know better as person.

It’s always delightful to discover a bit of fiction you’ve never read before that blows you away. In this case it’s not brilliance or deep insights into human nature, but rather extremely well done world building combined with some incredibly well written murder mysteries in an alternate world where magic has substituted science. The twist is, it’s not your common fantasy magic, but rather a very down to earth look at magic that makes it look like science (and materialistic science is not completely out of the race, as one story suggests). This book collects every Lord Darcy story written by Garrett, as well as the only novel he wrote in the setting. And I can’t praise Baen enough for putting this out, it’s really excellent. Now I wonder whether some of Garrett’s other fiction is worth tracking down.