Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys (1996-1997)

CSatSM is a SF cartoon series that is about a crew of uplifted monkeys who save the galaxy and maybe the whole universe from villainous Nebula and his wacky henchman Rhesus 2. It’s clearly made for kids, every episode has a typical lesson and nobody ever dies.

Yet, seeing this as someone a bit older than its intended audience, it holds up pretty well. It has a nice character dynamics, every episode is chock full of references to (pop) culture and the whole show is pervaded by a wackiness that I find appealing.

Rhesus 2, the henchman, for example changes his brain every two or three minutes (he has enough other brains lying around), killing the old one in a bout of violence not really suited for a kids show. And the big Mac Guffin of the show is an out of order gadget whose only purpose seems to annoy everyone.

Or the holo boons, the equivalent to the Star Trek redshirt. I laugh every time I see them vanquished. Star Trek gets many nods, at times the show might be the Bizzaro equivalent to it. These days CSatSM seems to be largely forgotten, which is IMHO a shame, since there’s nothing similar to it.