Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (1990)

wizardr6coer wiz6c

This is the first in the Dark Savant trilogy, since the events in this one made it possible for W7 and W8 to take place. Mind you, the Dark Savant never appears. There’s a mighty, magical item, the cosmic pen. Anything written with it becomes reality, and somehow the pen is lost in a haunted, derelict castle.

This is one of the old-school RPGs, where you still move in block-mode. EGA graphics (16 color only) and controls are mostly for keyboard. It can be played with the mouse, but this doesn’t work as efficient as using the keyboard. The game engine was a much needed update over the earlier Wizardry games. You have more races and professions to pick from, a new magic system and a vastly expanded skill set.

The story is, like in many cRPGs compared to their console counterparts, spread all over the game. Little pieces of information the player has to assemble, to understand what happened in the past of the castle. For such an old game I found it extremely playable with an excellent interface (a bit dated these days, but still nifty to use).

Despite it’s EGA graphics, the game has an excellent style, and the dated graphics makes you actually feel like this is really a decaying castle you’re exploring. Coupled with some really smart puzzles and a great plot, it makes for a great game.