Space Fantasia: 2001 Nights (1987)

This is an animated version of some chapters of the 2001 Nights manga. It’s concentrated on those chapters that deal with the Robinson family, which is a smart move since those were intricately linked with the bigger theme of 2001 Nights, the age of space exploration from start to finish. Due to its limited space some things had to be left out, and the last chapter deviated quite a bit from the manga. Mostly the changes were smartly done, but I still prefer the manga version.

One thing that bothered me about the manga, and it stood out even more in the OVA due to the tightening of the plot. While the abandonment of the colonies made sense on an emotional level, logically it didn’t made much sense. Some colonies might have failed big time, but to assume that all did, seems rather implausible. Still, as I said, on an emotional level it does work, which perfectly complements the other side of 2001 Nights, the rather hardish approach to SFnal ideas.