StreamBolt Desero (2007)

StreamboltDemo streambolt

SD is a 1-level high-octane action-platformer demo with excellent graphics and excellent gameplay. The control scheme of the game feels bit overdone and you even a tutorial to explain all the possible moves, something which is rare in platformers. In the end I simply used firing and jumping, since more isn’t actually needed. It would have been if anything more than just the fire level/demo version had been done, especially so that you would have needed to learn and tilize all your moves, but even as it is, it’s fun.


One thought on “StreamBolt Desero (2007)

  1. TheoX says:

    This game is really fun – the moves sometimes seem slightly excessive, but it’s really fun to be jumping around and slashing everywhere in the middle of a swarm of enemies.;

    Has anyone played Contra Hard Corps? It was obvious to me that the inspiration for the boss of the demo (shown in the picture above) was from the boss of the fourth level of CHC – very similar design and attacks.

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