Gankutsuou (2004-2005)

This shares the same problem as Noein, overly dramatic and angsty young people. Added to this the main character also has the stupid in him. A common and shitty convention to create and drive the plot by making the main character the last one to catch onto everything. Stupid main characters in sitcoms are one thing, but the same constellation in more serious work is annoying.

Gankutsuou is a retelling of the The Count of Monte Cristo in a pseudo-science fiction setting. Meaning, there are space ships and so on, mixed with archaic social structures. Trying to make sense of the setting will just make your brain hurt, so don’t think too much about it. The original by Dumas, told from the perspective of the Count, was a meditation on revenge and redemption. Alas, this series changed the viewpoint to the young Albert de Morcerf, making the Count much more of a one-dimensional, revenge seeking character. It tried to incorporate the themes of the original, but in a rather heavy-handed and simplistic manner. Better read the original.