Hurdler (2003)

by KNPMaster / MasterRaichu . (Download)

Some games are just maddening. In Hurdler you have to jump over obstacles, and while that doesn’t sound like much, it’s extremely addictive. I don’t know how often I died, but it’s far too often (hurdles kill, and seeing your game avatar, a white stick figure bleeding is quite hilarious, especially if he slipped on a rubber duck). And yet I’m always coming back, trying to reach and beat the final level.

What’s maddening is that this game could be a classic if it implemented just a few features from a game like, for example, N. Instead of grinding through every level again and again, it would be cool to access every level you’ve beaten instantly. Sure, that means people would beat the game very fast, but adding a level editor (and Hurdler just screams for user created content) would create enough levels to suffice for a long time.

Still, even as it is now, it’s quite fun.

Rating: 4/5