Eternal Daughter (2002)

by Blackeye Software . (Download, Walkthrough)

There’s a thin line between hard and damn annoying, Eternal Daughter crosses it far too often. You have to time jumps and attacks perfectly, and you need an eye for pixel-exact movement too get through this game. Some people might like this kind of difficulty, but while I find it doable, I don’t enjoy it as much as a more balanced and forgiving gameplay.

Eternal Daughter is an exploration game of the genre defined by Castlevania /Metroid. ED has excellent graphics, every screen looks just damn good, and the world with its different races and neat enemy/boss designs is very well done. Also, despite of the difficulty, the game makes you want to try again and again. This game is heavily addictive, but expect too die a thousand times over and over (and you’ll curse the recoil when you get hit, which is far too strong and really, really annoying).

Rating: 4/5

6 thoughts on “Eternal Daughter (2002)

  1. Matheus says:

    Man, this game is really difficult… But it doesn’t really matter, there is a good history, infinite continues (as well as Save Points) and, when you die, you just have to try again!!

    The visual is very nice, His style is simple, fantastic and unique (what is this? RPG? Adventure? I really never saw anything like that), the game is small (10mb) and (as consequence) it do not overcharge the computer while you’re playing.

    And, it has a great musical score. I just don’t know why some songs were cutted, the music is really nice.

    Well, after this, I must say, I recommend to all.

  2. Alex says:

    how i can finding the music of that game pls tell me (i don’t know good english but i have one prorgamme for that) pls pls tell me!!!!!!!!!
    I want to find this music now
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  3. Lisa says:

    Im very confused! I met Gideon the first time behind the blue wall, then the second time behind the second blue wall, and then down below on the platform by the water. Seriously cant find him now though, the walkthrough says “on the top level instead of going right to blue mountain, go left and you’ll find a wall that you can break” ??? Am I missing something? Coz no matter where along the way I try go left instead of right to blue mountain, I cant find any other wall, or gideon anywhere for that matter? Please help! :-)

  4. Jesuit Boxer says:

    I don’t understand why people are so supportive of this game. It’s frustrating to the point of being unplayable, and nothing in the game makes up for that.

  5. Nitpicker Bob says:

    I find the best way to get through this game with minimal annoyance is to use Cheat Engine. Number of lives are stored internally as multiples of 10000 hex. Find the memory location, freeze the value, and off you play without dying.

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