Shrek the Third (2007)

Prince Charming hasn’t taken his defeat in the last Shrek movie with grace. He’s mobilizing the forces of defeated fairy tale villains to get his hands on the crown. Meanwhile Shrek tries to find a way of avoiding the Kinghood.

While the gag density remains the same, the amount of inside references to pop culture has been severely reduced. I found this actually to be a good thing. While it was funny the first time and okay the second time, a third time it would just have been felt like an overdone routine. The biggest strength of the movie is, like in the other two, the big cast of charming characters, from heroes to villains to background figures.

Somehow you just have to pity Prince Charming, especially when he tries in vain to make people see him as the hero through a reversion of the play at the begin with him as the hero. The only cringworthy moment of the whole movie is when Artus makes his moral speech, and the result is just overdone and doesn’t work. But apart from that it’s a great and fun movie.