Atomic Butcher (2005)

made by Humankapital . (Download)

Reading reviews of Atomic Butcher all over the net, I saw one thing missing. To me, it feels as if the game is one big homage to Fallout. Sure, Fallout is an RPG and all, but the mood and style of Atomic Butcher reminded me very strongly of it, even if the gameplay is completely different (here we have an action platformer with shooting mechanisms similar to those in Abuse).

You go out in the wasteland to gather meat for the people in our shelter. You kill everything that looks alive. Atomic Butcher revels in violence; blood and gore is everywhere. The game starts easy, but slowly the difficulty is rising, until the second to last level, which is not only humongous, but hard as hell. This level also mirrors the Cathedral of Fallout, a shelter with bio-organic slime everywhere and big mutants. The ending acknowledges that you played a monster. It’s quite deliciously devious in how it mocks the player and what he has achieved.

Rating: 5/5