Bitter Gold Hearts (1988)

The beauty of many of Cook’s novels is how he captures the chaotic nature of life. While the second Garrett novel has murder galore, there is no complicated plan from some genius criminal mastermind that Garrett has to unravel. It’s rather a very simple action that starts a chain reaction with some very unfortunate side effects for everyone involved.

At first it looks like a simple kidnapping case. But soon people begin to die, and from Garrett’s position it’s just a big mess that doesn’t make much sense. Typically for a Garrett book, it’s full of deadpan humor, and also typically it hides a very cynic and dark edge. There is no fate or justice, sometimes nice people die and not so nice people go unpunished. Which also means, which is in a sense very typical for Cook, but not so for his fantasy contemporaries, that you don’t know who will bite the dust.