Return of Egypt (2003)

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Return of Egypt feels like a cheap knockoff of the GBA Castlevania’s. Looks pretty close, from map design to level structure and other aspects. Overall it’s a very small-sized Metroidvania that follows closely its inspirations without doing anything new or much of interest at all.

But while it’s not as good as any of the Castlevania’s (endlessly re-spawning enemies, the controls not as responsive as I would like), the gameplay is similar enough that it is fun playing at least once. Since everything is in Japanese, I have no clue what’s going on, but the theme (Egyptian) is a nice departure from the usual Castlevania games.

One thought on “Return of Egypt (2003)

  1. snowmeow says:

    You know, the freeware version was just a demo, the REAL version has the title screen in blue, and permits choose between Rania Gadesh (aka “Moses”) and his son, that is WAY overpower. And the map is WAY bigger, too.
    Ah, and it’s very rare, even in Japan, when was launched as the game #27 of the Romdia Series.

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