The Authority: Kev (2002-2004)

A former Special Air Service corporal who is, due to some problems with a tiger, now an assassin for the British government, gets the job to kill the Authority. Kev is a more or less competent guy who is in way over his head. The humor of the Kev comics consist in the absurd situations that happen when two completely different settings get mingled with each other. Superheroes on one side, a normal guy on the other. It’s not a deep read, but it’s fun to see Kev stumble his way through his mission, succeeding and finding out the truth about his mission.

The second series, More Kev, is just more of the same. We find out what really happened with the tiger, get some more action, and more absurd situations. At the end Garth even makes an attempt to give Kev a bit more depth, which is a nice add-on, even if it clashes a bit with the lighter tone of the series overall (Garth’s brilliant Hitman series mixed humor and seriousness with more skill). Still, it’s a decent and fun read.