Romancing Walker (2001)

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(Romancing Walker is a unique and extremely addictive mix of jRPG and dating sim. You start in a small town trying to solve some local problems, and soon you’re involved in a conflict that might spell doom for all live on the planet. On your quest you slowly accumulate a following of girls, who if treated nicely, feel attracted toward you (dependent on the attraction you can get any of the seven different endings, one for each girl).

The plot itself is your typical save-the-world-from-evildoers plot, but it’s done mostly well, even if the writing at times is full of eye-cancer inducing errors and the sentimentality factor too high for my liking. Also, calling the plot convoluted would be an understatement, sometimes the twists and turns look even nonsensical to the characters themselves.

Still, part of why the game is so much fun is the immature humor, the banter between the hero and his horde of girls, and trying to gather more and more attraction points.

6 thoughts on “Romancing Walker (2001)

  1. Alex says:

    Very good game..,but I’m stuck…sort of.I just want to know where that mysterious girl hase apeared…???Please help me!!!

  2. s4n.ch4n says:

    To “Alex”: Astral Realm, before you go against Magni. After you met her you have to fight with her against Disaster Dragon! (Girl name: Lucitta)

  3. Monica says:

    Playing also since this thread is recent, another question if I may, Stuck at Tri-Rune and can’t figure it out. Bow is still on the post etc….

  4. Amadi says:

    To “Monica” : You can take the bow only if you have Summoner Staff (either equiped or in inventory) and Latyss in party (I dont remember where to get that staff tho but I belive you will get it a bit later in-game).
    Stuck at Rune-Tri ? get the Unfield Shell parts scattered in Rune Tri (there are 3 as I can remember). First read what is written at all of the columns. Locations of parts ? well, Hayami with her X-ray will get handy ;]

  5. Miranda says:

    HELP! i can’t install the game it gives me an error saying no vehicle or something like that can someone give me the link to the RPG 2000 link please!!!

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