Soldexus (2006)

made by Pneophen . (Download)

Soldexus is an excellent Castlevania clone (of the later games that emphasize the exploration aspect). At the start of the game my main problem were the graphics. I’m not sure they were really bad, I just hated the style at first. The backgrounds and the monster and hero animations just didn’t fit well together, and everything looked like it was drawn by someone who had skill, but lacked experience. It felt unpolished. And yet, after playing for some time I began to like it. It’s different, and exactly what I disliked at first was what I liked later. The crude look.

The gameplay on the other hand is perfect. Sure, it feels like Pneophen has played Castlevania one time too many, yet he captured the gameplay perfectly. Soldexus is heavily addictive. Just one more room to explore, one more secret to find, one more enemy to crush. And soon you’ve completed the whole thing. The game might be a bit hard for beginners, but more experienced players won’t have much trouble. And if you complete the whole thing, another playable character (with different bosses) gets unlocked.

Rating: 4/5