Spider-Man 3 (2007)

The worst parts of the first two Spider-Man movies were the melodramatic bits, but what was merely major annoying then has become puke-inducing in SM3. Mary Jane gets ripped a new one by critics for bad singing and goes into hysterical mode. Meanwhile Peter Parker has become the hero of the city, beloved by everyone, blind to the problems of his girlfriend. Soup opera melodrama of the worst sort between Peter and Mary takes center stage. Even the entertaining action sequences can’t save this anymore.

And it gets much worse. I thought the most awful acted good guy goes evil was the third Star Wars prequel, but apparently I was wrong. If you are infected with black alien slime, you become our own worst nightmare. Which in Peter Parker’s case means you look like a British pop-rock singer making an ass of himself. Evil Peter Parker is campy, not menacing.

The movie has other problems. Too much enemies without the deliberate care the first two movies had in developing them. While I liked the Sandman dude, his transformation into a creature of sand was one of the dumbest parts of the movie. A special experiment chamber, open to the sky, restricted by just a small fence. Probably just bad security. But at least Sandman was likable, even if his connection to Peter Parker through rewriting the history of his uncle’s death is annoying.

This is threateningly close to soup opera as well, where everyone is related to everyone. If there’s a fourth movie we probably see the long lost brother of Peter, who is bitten by scorpion, gets his powers and now vows revenge of Peter for whatever harebrained reason the scripts writers care to think of. But the thing that really irked me, that made it into a complete soap opera is the lack of change. Peter Parker hasn’t grown, neither has Mary Jane or everyone else. It’s like a rerun of the same old, same old. Only with more enemies and more melodrama. Which isn’t really a good thing.