Guardian of Paradise (2005)

made by Buster . (Download, Speed Run)
fan-translated by Aeon Genesis . Download Patch

GoP is a Zeldelike action adventure which gives you the mission to find some healing water for your sick sister in the far away Paradise. What’s neat about the game is the magic system. Find the different elemental spirits to deploy their magic, but since the mana (or magic points or what you’ll want to call them) is limited, you have to think before blindly casting. Which doesn’t amount to much at the begin of the game, since the puzzles are rather simple, but slowly they get more complex, until you have to juggle four types of magic and solve some real brainteasers. Ah, and replenishing magic is done by killing the enemies, which gives you a good incentive to fight them. Overall, a great game that looks and plays really great.

Rating: 4/5