The Time Master trilogy (1985-1987)

Much fantasy has at it’s core a simple good versus bad conflict, evil and good are easily identified. One variation of this is the chaos versus order conflict, stripping both sides of their moral absolutes, allowing for more nuanced plots. The Time Master books deploy this conflict to, well, explore these issues, the fight of some Gods of Chaos with some Gods of Order.

The plot begins in a world where the Gods of Order have won long ago and cast out the Chaos entities. A young boy is born to restore the balance between Chaos and Order, but he has a hard time coping with the fact that the Gods of Order aren’t exactly nice (since everyone around him believes this) and the Gods of Chaos automatically evil. These are nice books, but compared to something like Moorcock’s fantasy work that deals with the same theme, a bit lightweight. One problem I had was with the world-building, it felt too thin and generic. There’s no originality or at least some effort to create a rich, if unoriginal, background.