Open Season (2006)

Watching this I was reminded of Shrek. Substitute Shrek with a grizzly bear and the donkey with a deer, and you have the exact same dynamic between the main characters. One fast talking animal that wants to become the friend of the other, bigger one.

There are some small differences, but overall the likeness between the characters is noticeable. Compared to Shrek the plot and the humor felt simpler, even if it wasn’t less entertaining. The bear, because of the deer, gets dumped into the wild, wants to go back home and on his way there learns to love the wild and to save the animals from hunters.

When I saw the counterattack of the animals (against the hunters) I thought if this were the real world, the next week the wood would be full of scientists or government agencies trying to understand or to contain the outbreak of animal intelligence. But this isn’t the kind of movie where such things have consequences (but it would be interesting to see such a movie). OS doesn’t do anything new, but it does do the old things in an entertaining way, which at least for me never gets old.