The Blue Contestant (2003)

made by Lysander86 . (Download)

TBC is an extremely short but diverting (kinda) RPG. You play a player who is inside a virtual reality game where he plays against two other contestants to win a prize (and the whole game is broadcast on TV). The VR environment is a fantasy world, so you have to fight against all kinds of RPG monsters, but you don’t get experience. You have to collect credits and money, the money to open treasure chests, the credits to change your class. Depending on your class you have many different skills, from healer to fighter everything is represented, and only the smart using of the class change feature will allow you to come far in the game. While the story of TBC isn’t great or really original (albeit if you only play fantasy games it might be), Lysanders excellent writing makes it look so much better and greatly enhances its impact.

Rating: 4/5