In the Drift (1984)

In the past a nuclear power plant goes boom (the Three Mile Island catastrophe in 1979 wasn’t averted like in our world) and creates a post-nuclear wasteland.

ItD explores the lives of the decedents of those who survived, mutated and thrived in the aftermath of the meltdown. It’s a fix-up novel, combining multiple short stories into one book. Which is one of the problems of ItD, the whole plot barely holds together and you never get the feeling of reading a book with real momentum, more like reading something that gives you fleeting vistas of different lives in the wasteland. If these had been at least more than merely diverting, there’s nothing that makes those parts rise above standard post-apocalyptic fiction. On the other hand, if you crave post-apocalyptic fiction with something of a realistic touch and not the lone-warrior saves the world type, you might like ItD.