The Weird Colonial Boy (1993)

TWCB is the story of a young Australian boy who enters a parallel Earth that’s much harsher than our own, at least from the perspective of the young world jumper. After some nasty living there and the attempt to change things for the better he returns to our world.

Forcing your main character through some nasty experiences to make him learn to appreciate even the small things in life seems a bit overkill, this is a book that doesn’t give you cuddly feelings while reading it. The alternate Earth is a nasty one, most parts are backward compared to our own world, not only in the technological department but also the social norms (on the other hand our own world is only more advanced if you pretend not to look at the nasty things that happen everywhere but aren’t daily news, one could say that the alternate world of TWCB is openly nasty, while our own at least looks better on the surface). Overall, TWCB just wasn’t my cup if tea. To make me interested in alternate histories I prefer more action and cinematic qualities, or if a writer goes the realistic route I’ll need more than just a boy who learns about life’s lessons through hardships.

2 thoughts on “The Weird Colonial Boy (1993)

  1. I’m not sure, I remember it as depressing as hell without any funny elements. Can be it was lost in translation or my and your sense of funny don’t have any intersections.

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