Agent to the Stars (1997)

The Yherajk, peaceful aliens that look unfortunately like slimy blobs, hire an agent to introduce them to humanity, since they fear humanity might be scared if they just drop out of the sky.

When I saw the cover and the title I expected to get something cheesy, which I did. What I didn’t expected was to get sucked into the story from the first chapter and not let go until I reached the end. AttS could be called fluff, but even fluff has to be well written to draw people in and make them read it, which Scalzi accomplished with seemingly ease. AttS is, even more so than his other SF books, the supreme gateway drug for SF. I takes place in the here and now, most characters are easy to relate to, it’s funny and doesn’t take itself too serious. The story may have been too smooth at times, some problems were too easily solved and the ending felt like a contrived Hollywood Happy Ending, but maybe that was intentional, after all it’s about Hollywood and movies. Overall AttS has a high huggability ratio, is one of those novels that can make you feel good if you allow yourself to get into a sentimental mood.