Alex: Saver of Worlds (2003)

made by Kelven . (Download (only german))

Generic hero Alex is on a quest to save the world from a generic villain called Evil. Together with his girlfriend Tina and another fighter for justice and right, Kohlrabi, they search first for a generic holy sword to defeat Evil, and then for the enemy himself. Humor depends very much on taste, what might bring one to roll on the floor laughing, another might scratch his head in wonderment. To appreciate Alex you should have played some RPGs to find this kind of humor appealing, and even then you have to like Kelvens writing to smile from time to time. While I never broke out into uncontrolled laughter playing this rather short game that makes fun of everything holy about RPGs, I was amused the whole time. This is because it shows some things that can be annoying in RPGs, be it lack of logic in plot structure or lack of realistic reactions of characters in RPG worlds. A tiny, little gem of a game that pokes fun at RPGs and still remains entertaining.

Rating: 4/5