Unterwegs in Düsterburg (2003)

One of the most revered german RM2k projects of recent years, OaAiD is a game that shows the tremendously work that has gone into it. Still, while everything is very polished, I didn’t enjoyed it as much as I hoped I would. The one thing I thought was really bad was the writing, which in this case I must admit may just be a case of “I don’t like the style”, not that it’s really bad writing. I’m not sure.

The plot seemed okay, not overly original, sure, but competent and well integrated into the game. You wake up with your memories missing, in a location where an evil guy named Wahnfried has terrorized the people for years. Trying to find out what happened to you, you discover the secret of your missing memories and the plans of Wahnfried.

Overall, if I hadn’t disliked the writing so much, this could have been an excellent experience. As it is, it’s still a high quality looking game that others might enjoy more than I did.