Sunset Over Imdahl (2004)


The city of Imdahl is under siege by the company empire, but they withstand the enemy force until a plague kills its population. Left is a young boy who gets the chance to make everything right using a time travel portal that allows him to enter the city in spring, summer, autumn and winter (and the player to see the same city in four different stages), and find a way to stop the plague before it breaks out.

Teo Mathlein’s Sunset Over Imdahl‘s biggest strength are the graphics, it is one of the most beautiful freeware games I’ve ever seen and probably the best adventure graphic-wise made with the RPGMaker engine. The gameplay on the other hand is a bit weaker, mostly it consist of simple fetch quests and some annoying mini-games (I really hated the bat thing, nearly made me stop playing).

But while the gameplay is limited, it’s just fun to explore the city in each season and look at those beautiful screens. Really, really eye-catching, the rain in autumn for example, I just loved those little details. One aspect I found disappointing was the ending. When I found out who carried the plague, I expected a Donnie-Darko-like ending, but the real ending was much weaker and really pointless IMHO.