Within a Deep Forest (2006)


Within a Deep Forest is your typical platformer, safe for the fact that the hero is a bouncing ball. Which doesn’t sound like much of a difference to the standard hero who jumps around, until you play the game.

Bouncing means if you bang against a wall, you bounce back. It means you don’t jump, you start by pushing against the ground and then bouncing into the air, higher and higher, until you bounce high enough to move to your desired platform. If that wouldn’t be enough, you can unlock other ball modes in the game, each has different features.

The most interesting, but also the most difficult ball mode, was the glass ball. If you bounce to high, you shatter on the ground. If you bounce with too much force against a wall, you shatter. WaDF is a bit tougher than most games, yet while some parts seem impossible at first, soon, with some training, they are beaten. Overall, a great game.

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