The Griffon Legend (2005)


The Griffon Legend is a nice effort, but some problems hamper the gameplay. For an action RPG (or any game that has an action element) the controls have to work perfectly. But very often the strange jump-sword-swing-combo your character uses all the time let you get stuck on some edges for those important few seconds the enemies need to mow you down. And the game is full of enemies, if you’ve cleaned a screen and come back, they have instantly regrown.

Another annoying problem is that the graphics make it sometimes difficult to distinguish between ground floor and higher or lower terrain, making you wonder why you can’t go a certain way until you’ll realize it’s on another height level (I just have to mention it, TGL is one of the rare cases where the game looks better on screenshots than while playing). All that said, if you’ll adapt to these annoying habits, playing TGL is a good way to kill some time.