Miaka’s Great Adventure (2000)

mga-start mga-screenshot3

Curiosity made me try MGA, since after I played TtHW by iishenron, I wanted to know how his first RM2k game compared to his masterpiece. Well, to say it nicely, MGA isn’t the worst RM2k thing I’ve ever played. On the plus side: it’s fairly long and the plot improves somewhat toward the later part of the game.

You’ll play a figure from the Dragon Ball universe who somehow lands in a generic fantasy world, which she has to safe to return home again. The game is your typical kill monsters, level up, explore a bit more of the world stuff. The background of the Dragon Ball influenced main character does clash with the whole fantasy story and this part never works well, but some of the elements of the plot weren’t too bad and my level of interest was sufficient to make me play through the whole game.

Overall though, it was a very uneven experience: many of the map designs were really bad, combat difficulty wasn’t well balanced and often the game wasn’t very clear on what you had to do next. Honestly, Miaka’s Great Adventure just isn’t a very good game, but for me it was interesting to see iishenron’s first large scale game-making attempt and the plot had traces of the quality that was in full force in TtHW.