Blindsight (2006)

A first contact novel that puts new spins on aliens, minds and vampires. It’s hard to write aliens who really feel like aliens, yet are still comprehensible. Watts succeeds admirably by using some clever tweaks to old expectations. If you haven’t encountered some of the ideas he uses before, the book will pack a hefty punch, and even if you have, it’s always nice to see them incorporated into such a well written and well extrapolated SF book.

More disturbingly than even the aliens is his riff on vampires, and when you reach the end of the book the gut-wrenching conclusion of their relationship with us humans. Watts fiction is not for the faint of heart, Blindsight is no exception, don’t except happy ends or something similar. But if you like interesting ideas and viewpoints, if you’re willing to follow a thought experiment wherever it may lead, then Blindsight will be an absolutely worthwhile read. It was for me.