Seiklus (2003)


If there’s one thing I’ve learned concerning freeware games, it’s that you shouldn’t judge games by their screen shots. The first time I saw some screens of Seiklus I thought it looked ugly, but after playing it I found this to be a very unique, simple style who fits the game perfectly.

Seiklus is a strange game, part Adventure, part 2d-platformer, but without any enemies to kill or the danger of dying. For me this had a very relaxing effect on my playing style, I could run around without always thinking: “What’s going to kill me next?”, like in other games. Mostly you run around, collect orbs and enjoy the landscape.

It’s described as an exploration game, and that’s mostly true, what I enjoyed most about it was simply walking through the scenery (and listening to the excellent music) and discovering new locations.